Everything we do is pegged to a plan that differentiates and moves your needle. Leveraging our nearly 20-years’ experience in the digital media space—and paired with an award winning creative team—we work with our partners to craft big ideas that exceed expectations. We know how to get it done.

We love triggers

What are triggers? Triggers are any device or readable tag that tells your mobile device, for example, to do something. Our platform supports the delivery of content to a mobile device when a user is in proximity to that trigger.


Global brands, particularly CPG and product companies, now have the ability to turn their products and packaging into entertainment experiences that augment the brand and drive dramatic increases in KPI performance. 

  • NFC tags call up your branded media experiences and can be placed on pack or inside your product

  • Beacons can recognize your customers and direct them to engage in your experiences

  • QR codes can be easily scanned by a mobile device and direct your customers to engage in your experience, whether it’s opening a site, a chat bot, or more

  • More! We work with all leading technologies to deliver our digital entertainment

Experience Design & Production

When we first launched in 2003, working in music was a difficult task. In order to make our big vision a reality we had to hire a team of world-class strategists, designers and creatives. This reduced the time and complexity of thinking big while operating within strict legal parameters. What happened was the launch of an agency that became the 2nd fastest growing agency in America (Ad Age, 2005, 2007).

Today, we deliver the same quality all-screen experiences and content that you expect from the large agencies. Our 60+ awards are testament.

  • App design & production

  • Content production

We heart our agency partners

We love working with our agency partners. As specialists in digital music and entertainment delivery, we plug into all their big ideas, making the difficult task of strategy, licensing, delivery, and reporting a cinch. We’ve worked with dozens of agencies to fulfill award-winning campaigns and products for more dozens of global brands.

Content Delivery & Reporting

With more than 17-million fully licensed tracks from all the major record labels and most independents, we are equipped to deliver music in download, interactive streaming, and DMCA-compliant streaming formats. We deliver with a 99.9% rate of success and manage all reporting and payments to our label partners. We ingest upwards of 2,000 new tracks per week and currently deliver content in 155 countries.

But that’s just the beginning. We’re able to support all content types and can facilitate the delivery of video content, movies, and podcasts.

Data Analytics

VLG enables our brand partners to manage their own experiences. This gives them the ability to collect first-person user data. In addition to location and other usage data, we craft experiences that engage users while collecting value data along the way.

The data is shared via our dashboard and we are more than happy to help gather insights and make actionable recommendations on the incoming data.

Our Numbers

number blocks3.8.png

Last year, we delivered more than 3.8 billion listening sessions

number blocks50.png

Last year, we delivered in excess of 50,000 streams per second

number blocks17.png

We currently host more than 17 million fully licensed music tracks

number blocks99.png

In 2018 we had a virtually perfect delivery rate, at 99.9%

number blocks155.png

We currently deliver content to 155 countries on all continents

number blocks60.png

We’ve earned more than 60 creative, innovation and technology awards